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通途劈上彩云间 .tif
Depicts building the railway through mountains surrounded by colourful clouds. Note red flags.

The red characters shown on the mountain: 备战、备荒、为人民; bèi zhàn 、bèi huāng 、wèi rén mín; Prepare for the war and prepare for the shortage for the…

A pre-Cultural Revolution image of anti-aircraft joint defence unit of airplanes, weather and radar station. Includes both fishing and navy ships. Note use of black and the dark sky.

Shows different activities held on campus.

Lei Feng.tif
Depicts the soldier Lei Feng who was portrayed as an exemplary model to the masses.

papercut 15.tif
With less forces and weapons, the Eighth Route Army launched guerrilla warfare instead of conventional warfare for the purpose of fighting with the Japanese Army. By means of raid, Guerrilla Warfare has high degree of mobility, flexibility,…

Papercut 5.tif
Mao Zedong and his troops, who had participated in the Autumn Harvest Uprising, reached Jinggang Mountains in October 1927, and established a guerrilla base. In April 1928, Zhu De and his Nanchang Uprising troop reached Jianggang Mountains and joined…

East is Red
东方红剪纸, Dōngfānghóng jiǎnzhǐ, East is Red Papercut

This is the title piece of the set, indicating the name of the producer. The name of the producer reads: The East Is Red Arts and Crafts Factory, 东方红工艺厂, Dōngfānghóng gōngyìchǎng. The set of paper…

papercut 2.tif
This poster depicts the suffering time of Chinese people in the first two decades of the twentieth century under imperialism, feudalism and bureaucracy.

papercut 3.tif
Spread of Marxism-Leninism in China stemming from the October revolution in Russia laid ideological foundation for the establishment of the Communist Party of China. The First National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Shanghai in…

papercut 4.tif
It was a poem written by a communist, Xia Minghan, as his last words when he was put to death by the Chinese Nationalist Party government in 1928. The poem indicates his resolute belief of communism and warmly support to revolutionaries. The poem was…
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