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Transliterated: Máo zhǔ xí zhe zuò xiàng tài yáng ,zì zì jù jù shǎn jīn guāng 。Zhào dé zhàn shì xīn lǐ liàng ,gōng zuò xué xí yǒu fāng xiàng 。

Translation: Chairman Mao’s work is like the sun. Every word is…

Soutenir la lutte anti-impérialiste des peuples du monde
Apoyar la lucha de todos los pueblos del mundo contra el imperialismo

Soutenir fermement la lutte anti-impérialiste des peuples d’Asie, d’Afrique et d’Amérique latine
Firme apoyo a la lucha antiimperialista de los pueblos de Asia, Africa y América Latina

Shows different activities held on campus.

This wood-block print dates from before the Cultural Revolution, the late 1950s, or early 1960s. Depicts surveyors looking for minerals.

A woodblock printing from prior to the Cultural Revolution, influenced by the leftist expressionist tradition. A seamstress studies Mao’s book.

A woodblock printing from prior to the Cultural Revolution. Style shows influence from Russia (a transmitted French style).

Depicts the soldier Lei Feng who was portrayed as an exemplary model to the masses.

通途劈上彩云间 (中国画)
Depicts building the railway through mountains surrounded by colourful clouds. Note red flags.

The red characters shown on the mountain: 备战、备荒、为人民; bèi zhàn 、bèi huāng 、wèi rén mín; Prepare for the war and prepare for the shortage for the…

A pre-Cultural Revolution image of anti-aircraft joint defence unit of airplanes, weather and radar station. Includes both fishing and navy ships. Note use of black and the dark sky.
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